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  • Awareness with Sport and Leisure CareersWhat is Scotland doing for its young workforce? We communicate the important drivers that have an impact on our Sport and Leisure Industry
  • SLC provide information, advice and guidance on the main recommendations for young people, age 16-24, who seek opportunities and new career pathways through employment, education or training.

SLC provide up to date sessions on the following :-

  • More Choices more Chances focuses on Young People who are at risk of disengaging from education.
  • Such programmes as the EVIP facilitated by F.E colleges. (Enhanced Vocational Inclusion Programme)
  • We Provide :-
    • Early intervention strategies for young people at RISK.
    • Current issues on what impact Sport Coach UK has on coaching provision.
    • Information on Skills Development Scotland. Current issues on “get that job”
    • Information on the Scottish Qualification Authority. What qualifications do I need?
    • Information on Business Gateway and connections to the Sport and Leisure Careers Industry.
    • Information on developing a volunteer culture.
    • (IAG) on Unemployed MCMC clients – adult Job seekers allowance (JSA) claimants –Job centre plus. (JCP) referrals –specific to sport & leisure.

SLC provide more topics more “know how” for your career choices. Call Now!